Ecoversities in Brazil

Designing life projects for transition with young people.

What if Universities served transition and planetary regeneration?

What if the starting point of professional training were the unique elements of each person and their environment?

Without doubt, this is an Ecoversity, in which we retrieve the wisdom of indigenous peoples, to imagine and build the World we want.

Ecoversities have always existed and over time have been decimated. The processes of colonisation, cultural globalisation and the standardisation of the possibilities that serve the World are responsible for this.

Universities need to adapt to the Ancestral Future, learning from caring relationships. Acting in networks, as scientific and cultural learning communities, building new approaches that expand human consciousness and regeneration for higher education.

Currently there are many of them spread around the World, in Abya Yala and in Brazil. They are free Universities that facilitate transformative learning, focusing on what we want and need to learn in order to be who we are in sync with the World.

During this conversation we will present: inspiring stories, diversity, achievements and challenges of three Brazilian Ecoversities.

These three, inspired by the movement of Transition Towns and/or friendly movements that seek to decolonize education.

We will talk with the creators of Unidiversidade das Quebradas, Unikrahô – Universidade Livre Indígena and Ecoversidade SEVA – Seja você em ação no Mundo.

Join this great network of communities that Care for Life!

Gabriela BrazilGabriela Conti Montenegro

Representative of Hub Transition Brazil.  Founder & tutor at Ecoversidade S.E.V.A – Be yourself in action in the world.

Architect and urban planner. Practitioner in NLP – Neuro-Lingic Programming by INEXH. Project Management Specialist. Sustainable Communities Designer by Gaia Education. Member and trainer at the Brazilian Hub of Transition Towns. Guardian of Collab Jovem, a Brazil Transition project. Articulator of the Time to Plant Regenerative Movement. Creator and guardian of open source social technology: DPV – Design of the Life Project. Founder & tutor at Ecoversidade S.E.V.A – Be yourself in action in the world.


Isabela Gomez

Isabela Maria Gomez de Menezes

Hubs-link representative

Architect and Urbanist, Gaia Education Designer for sustaintability, develops education projects for the regeneration of systems, mapping and diagnosis of the territory at the Oficina da Sustentabilidade
Activist and enthusiast of the Transition Towns Movement.  Member of Transition Brasil Hub.  Founder of Transition Granja Viana. Kombucha producer at SimplesMente Kombucha.


Hermes de Sousa

Founder, Dean of UniDiversidade das Quebradas

PHD at the University of Life, Master in Favelês and precursor of Unrolled Education.
Nova União da Arte Institute (Nua); Under the Bridge School; Flor de Cabrueira, or Mederi, there are many legacies of this community leader.  With a “post-doctorate at the University of Life”, Hermes is today the great dean of the UniDiversidade da Quebrada Campus União de Vila Nova, a building with a capacity to serve 300 young people.


Paolo BrazilPaulo Cezar Araújo

Representative of the Brasilia Transition Local Group, and Co-founder of the Krahô Indigenous University

Facilitator of collaborative methodologies such as Dragon Dreaming. Sustainability Designer by Gaia Education and Transition Towns Brasil, creator and co-creator of Escola Design de Vida, where he makes bonfires, teaches courses, collaborative approaches workshops, dreams, plans, carries out and celebrates projects for the great turning point. He is president of the Tempo de Plantar Regenerative Institute. Co-author of the book NeoTribalismo, cosmo vision of the Krahô indigenous peoples. Co-founder of the Krahô Indigenous University.


Antonio KrahoAntônio Krahô

Representative of the Krahô Indigenous University.

Indigenous Teacher, at Escola Estadual de Abril, Village Manuel Alves | Itacaja | TO, Brazil, student of Language Sciences at the Federal University of Goiás, co-founder of the UniKrakô Decolonial Indigenous University, Coordinator of the Pedagogical Circle.





Aline Carvalho – Saty

Educator of Ecoversidade S.E.V.A – Be you in action in the world, and Creator of the “Being in Action.”Methodology.

Communicator, graduated in Media Studies at UFF, Master in Creative Industries at Paris 8 University and PhD student in Psychosociology at UFRJ, with the research “Being in Action: Reflections on youth, motivation and engagement from the experience of Gaia Jovem”. Author of the books “Production of Culture in Brazil: from Tropicália to Pontos de Cultura (Ed Multifoco, 2009) and “Tropifagia: eating the tropical country (EdUFBA, 2020). Educator of the DPV- Design of the Life Project. Educator of Ecoversidade S.E.V.A and the organizing nucleus of the popular culture forum in Lumiar and bioregion.


Event Details

  • July 15th, 2022
  • 1-3pm Colombia & México, 2-4pm Chile, 3-5pm Brazil, 6-8pm UTC, 7-9pm London
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