Conversa 1 – From Local to Global

From Global to Local was the first in a series of seven “conversas”, focusing on what’s happening in Abya Yala, in all it’s diversity – across rural communities and in cities.

Watch the video (below) to find out more!


Celebrating the beginning of a new shared conversation in 3 languages from multiple countries across the globe!

For the first conversa, many of us joined together to share, learn from, connect and be inspired by the collective action happening across Abya Yala.

Abya Yala is the traditional name for the territory uniting communities all along the Americas from Patagonia to Alaska. Over 30 people came together yesterday from countries as diverse as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, Portugal, Mozambique, Spain, the UK and Greece!

From Local to Global was the first in a series of seven events, focusing on what´s happening in Abya Yala, in all it’s diversity – across rural communities and in cities. We started to explore the territory’s cultural and ecological diversity and its ancestral heritage. We started to share stories and connect deeply. We acknowledged the shadows of war and devastation that we often don’t talk about. We considered how we can come together to bring solutions to communities in Abya Yala and beyond.

You can watch the recording of the whole event here, and we invite you to sign up to the next conversation happening on 15th July – Ecoversities in Brazil

In the video, you will:

  • Learn about the origins of the Transition movement and its growth and development over more than a decade. We talked about how we gather all the threads from all the groups across the globe with the creation of the International Hubs Circle / Hubs Heart Circle.


  • See the shared values and agreements the Transition movement holds, and how the movement organizes organically, taking into account language, culture and geography. Together we are all learning and sharing across boundaries. We are pollinating ideas and collectively transforming systems.


  • Look ahead to the conversations in the series – Abya Yala in Transition – recognizing that not all of the conversations will be easy, and that change is sometimes hard. Many places are still struggling and feeling the pain of colonization, but together across boundaries, we are inviting healing and transformation.


In the final discussion, there was recognition of the importance of bringing ancestral knowledge into the present day, in order to change the way we collectively inhabit the world.

There were words of hope that by valuing our diverse cultures, rituals and traditions, we can come together across boundaries. We touched on how talking about decolonization and learning from history can help us all to move through times of change.

We started to explore the complexity of the intersection of ancestral knowledge and new technologies to move to a more equitable world. We were encouraged to think deeply about how we are impacting others when we make changes.


“As people of all colours, we are weaving together, recognizing our diversity and biodiversity to create new visions and initiatives.”

We invite you to join the next conversa – 15th July – Ecoversities in Brazil – facilitated transformative learning.

Learn from the stories of three ecoversities in Brazil.

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