Conversa 2 – Ecoversities in Brazil

The second conversa in the series of 7: was about Ecoversities in Brazil.

Watch the video (below) to find out more.


Speaking at the event were Paulo César Araújo, Aline Carvalho and Hermes de Sousa, who shared their experiences with the Krahô Indigenous University, Ecoversity S.E.V.A – Be you in action in the World and the UniDiversity of the Quebradas.

Via a Google Earth virtual visit, we got to know the Ecoversities Alliance and took a flight around Mother Earth to see the numerous initiatives of Ecoversities / Free Universities from global to local (Abya Yala’s perspective) and throughout Brazil. These are free universities that facilitate transformative learning, starting from what one wants and what one needs to learn in order to be who we are in action in the World.

You can watch the event video here, and we invite you to sign up to the next Conversa happening on 27th July: Libertarian Decolonization in Colombia.

Each guest shared their story and we ran a conversation circle using Aquarium technology.

This conversation circle was based on the following questions:

  • What would it be like if the university was at the service of planetary transition and regeneration?
  • How would it be if the starting point of professional education were the unique elements of each person and their territory?

And these provocations made by the guests.

  • Hermes: Healing through the heart, in the “pro cura” movement
  • Aline: Reflecting and knowing what motivates you
  • Paulo: To find out who is your oldest ancestor. And what he did and honor that history.

The reflections were many:

  • The need for Ecoversities to rescue the wisdom of the original peoples, to recognize and support them as guardians of the Forests
  • The various processes of colonization, massification of cultures and standardization of the possibilities of service in the world that have decimated the Ecoversities that have always existed.
  • That we need to do this in a process of healing together with the Global North and not continue to reinforce the separation built by the historical process.
  • And the need for Universities to adapt to the Ancestral Future and learning from caring relationships. Acting together, as scientific-cultural learning communities, building new approaches that expand human consciousness and regeneration, for higher education.


We invite you to join the next Conversa – 27th July – Libertarian Decolonization in Colombia.

Hear from different movements in the country moving towards new ways of governing.

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