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Stories from inspirational and diverse communities who offer alternatives to the challenges we face.


7 Conversations: 6th July – 23rd September 2022


In these times of profound change and transformation, we are witnessing the darkest aspects of humanity via wars and the destruction of our ecosystems, at the same time as we’re seeing the emergence of amazing new solutions around every corner.

Abya Yala, (the original name given to the Latin American continent), has much to offer and share with the world. Enormous cultural and ecological diversity, the voices of wise ancestral communities, and a multitude of both rural and urban communities making their vision of regeneration a reality. From the damage done through abuses of power and colonization, these communities are making themselves seen and heard anew. Today is the time to Feel, Heal and Act!

Join this great network of communities that care for Life!

Hear more from these communities in ‘7 conversations’ offered by the Transition Network in Latin America. We will learn from communities in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and more.

  1. From global to local – Wed. July 6th
  2. Ecoversities in Brazil – Fri. July 15th
  3. Libertarian Decolonization – Moving towards the Government of Water in Colombia – Wed. July 27th
  4. Living through Hope: Join with the voices of the forest! – Fri. August 12th
  5. The Rights of Mother Earth / Nature in Latin America – Wed. August 24th
  6. Municipalities in Transition | An opportunity to activate multiple local networks – Fri. September 09th
  7. Honouring the pain and continuing to walk – Fri. September 23rd

Each conversation will take place at the same hour each time.

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Invite your neighbors, friends and community as we continue to bring life to this New Humanity together.