Honouring the Pain and Continuing to Walk

Walking Together in Diversity

The Inner Transition Circle is honored to collaborate in the last Conversa of this first series of Abya Yala in Transition. We invite you to a space of deep connection that opens us up to a ritual of healing the collective wound and/or trauma of colonisation, a dominant force that still continues today across the world. 

We are facing the systemic crisis, the neoliberal world, globalization and societal division into social classes – all of which is threatening the earth. We are facing civilisational changes, as we live in this time of transition.

This space has at its centre, the principle that “We care for Everything.” This is a  fundamental guiding star for the regeneration and evolution towards communities who are aligned with the heart of Mother Earth and the primordial energy that sustains life.

Join us for deep listening and sharing, celebrating the autumn/spring equinox from the sacred territories and fires of Abya Yala in Transition.

Together in sharing, we will walk the 4 stages of healing framed by The Work that Re-connects in the context of Deep Ecology:

  • Giving thanks and
  • Allowing our full presence to remain in connection
  • Honoring our pain for the world and for our own challenging experiences in order to see with new eyes so that we can continue to walk and grow together
  • Recognising that it is in each of our actions and relationships where the habits of the old paradigm can be dissolved/transformed.

We invite you to light the fire from a place of full GRATITUDE, honoring the original peoples from south to north, from east to west, who survive and guard life on Mother Earth.

We humbly invite you to offer yourself in the inner transition that creates this time anew, a moment of “birthing the new humanity” and the new ancient paradigm of Buen Vivir as socially just, economically equitable and ecologically in harmony with the natural cycles.

Recognising, honoring and thanking our history guides us to weave unity in diversity, where being different is a powerful tool to co-create from biodiversity, collective intelligence and Buen Vivir, as a living heritage that continues to throb in Abya Yala and that continues to embrace us in full abundance. May the voice of Abya Yala continue to rise, may life continue to spring forth and may our contribution to other sister continents lead us to put our heads, hearts and hands into committed and responsible actions to care for life.

We welcome you to this last Abya Yala Conversation in Transition; the rebirth into a new cycle and a new beginning for our people. Light the fire of your heart and let us join this network of Communities that care for Life to celebrate the September Equinox.

Please bring with you a candle to light together and a glass of water.

Andrea GiraldoAndrea Giraldo

Facilitator – Member of Transition Hub Colombia and of the Inner Transition Circle

Eco-designer by profession, permaculturist at heart. Guardian of the territory Aldea Cuatro Aguas: School of Life founded from and for the learning, practice and expansion of the Good Birth, Good Living and Regenerative Education. Resident of the Comarca Mestiza ZAKUYE. Mother of two beautiful beings, dedicated to the awakening of the heart through music and meditation.

Part of the Inner Transition Circle of the Transition Movement and the Transition Colombia Hub. Co-founder of the CASA Jóvenes (Youth network).


Dennise Dueñas

Facilitator – representative Hub Transition Colombia

Graphic communicator and interdisciplinary artist with experience in facilitating collaborative networks, participatory leadership and intercultural environmental education through the living arts. She has taken courses in Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Participatory Leadership, Sociocracy, Evolutionary Education, Sustainable Settlement Design, Transition Training and Heritage Watch.

She participates at the local level in the Women’s Consultative Council and in the Municipal Council of Culture. Founder of Casa Maíz, an intercultural community space where Mhysca ancestral wisdom and pedagogical and environmental alternatives for the transition to conscious lifestyles are promoted.

She is a regional member of the Cabildo Mayor Muisca Oriente, the Colombian Ecovillage Network, CASA Colombia and an active member of CASA Latina – Council for Sustainable Settlements of Latin America. Base team of Transition Colombia and Liaison with Transition Network.


Anahí Beatriz PachecoAnahi Beatriz Pacheco

Inner Transition Circle coordinator and member of the Heart Circle of the Hubs group.

Moved to find solutions to the current ecosystemic crisis, Anahi feels the call to build communities that put the care of Life and Love at the center of all decisions and actions.

Transpersonal Psychologist – Master in Systemic Therapy – Biodanza and Meditation Teacher – Gaia Education Trainer.

She currently collaborates leading the Circle of Inner Transition of the Transition Movement.


Lourdes Oasongtlign Vizcaino – Mexico

From the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico, in Tierra Corazón.  I am walking, Weaving, Hearts, from the LNO People, embracing and transforming, the memories, through the waters, of the purity of our Blood, in CORAGUA.  I participate in the ABYA YALA Council, and any group that manifests UNIFICATION AND LOVE IN HUMANITY.




Tata José Baudilio Sis – Guatemala

Ajq’ij Maya Achi, PhD in Political Science and Sociology, MSc in Management for Sustainable Development, BA in Social Work. Experience and sensitivity developed with elders from different cultures, with nature and the cosmos. Professional experience in NGOs, GOs, administrative positions and university teaching. Consultant in research, indigenous peoples, interculturality, among others.

-K’amalb’e (Executive Coordinator) of the Council of Ajq’ijab’ B’alam Saqb’e (Accountants and Timekeepers of the Sacred Path of Existence).
-Member of the National Alliance of Ajq’ijab’ Paxil Kayala’ (Guatemala).
-Member of the World Movement “Ancestral Council of the Unified Abya Yala”.
-Member of the Global Movement “Citizens for Life and Freedom”.
-Walker of life, contributing to the balance and harmony of the whole.


Xieguacinsa Ingatiba Neusa – Colombia

Indigenous Governor Cabildo Mayor in the Muisca Chibcha Boyacá Indigenous Government of the Muisca Chibcha Nation.

Management of natural, cultural, social and productive environmental processes; and of the recognition of the Indigenous Communities of the Muisca-Chibcha Nation: in the framework of public policies and the development of integral life plans.

Consultancy on indigenous law, prior consultation and free and informed consent.
Researcher and advisor in legal anthropology and ethnohistory of the processes of resignification and cultural ethnic recomposition of ancestral indigenous and peasant communities and their descendants.


Vilma Andia Aquino – Peru

I was born in Cusco Peru, I am 60 years old, currently living in Mexico. My name in Quechua is Q’enti siwa yavhaysapa (hummingbird of wisdom) I am a woman medicine, chaqa runa Warmi (woman bridge) opening and strengthening hearts and minds in the territories of the south, centre and north of Abya Yala and the world. Always at the service of love.



Gladys Quintul – Chile

Mapuche Grandmother – Mapuche Community of Rupumeica – Lake Maihue, Los Ríos Region, Chile.







Event Details

  • September 23rd, 2022
  • 1-3pm Colombia and México, 2-4pm Chile. 3-5pm Brasil, 6-8pm UTC, 7-9pm London