From Global to Local

Life is about weaving relationships, having good conversations and sharing experiences. The world opens up its diversity of ideas, stories and experiences when we listen deeply and come to an understanding that despite our geographical and cultural differences, we have a lot in common.

We are happy to share recent stories from Transition Movement on a global scale. Our hearts will be filled with stories from other lands, continents and communities, whose worldviews will resonate with ours. We bring exciting news from our systems of shared governance. Offering our heads, hearts and hands at the service of the Greater Good for All Beings.

Come and talk! We are all connected!

Isabela GomezIsabela Maria Gomez de Menezes

Representing the role of Hubs Link in the Hubs Heart Circle and the Brazil Hub

Architect and Urbanist, Gaia Education Designer for sustaintability, develops education projects for the regeneration of systems, mapping and diagnosis of the territory at the Oficina da Sustentabilidade
Activist and enthusiast of the Transition Towns Movement.  Member of Transition Brasil Hub.  Founder of Transition Granja Viana. Kombucha producer at SimplesMente Kombucha.



Richard CouldreyRichard Couldrey

Representing the role of Territories in the Hub Heart Circle

Motivated by building the new system of regeneration, care and dynamic balance with Mother Earth , Richard supports Transition Towns in the UK with Transition Together, Inter-Hub connection as Territories Lead Link, Hubs Heart Circle and local action where he lives with Transition Town Tooting, SW London, UK



Anahí Beatriz PachecoAnahí Beatriz Pacheco

Representing the Inner Transition Circle in the Hubs Heart Circle.

Mobilized to find solutions to the current ecosystem crisis, Anahí feels the call to build communities that put the care of Life and Love at the center of every decision and action.  Transpersonal Psychologist – Master in Systemic Therapy – Professor of Biodanza and Meditation – Gaia Education Trainer.  She currently collaborates leading the Interior Transition Circle of the Transition Movement.


Everyone is invited!
Your neighbours, friends and community – together as we make this new world possible.

This conversation will take place between:
1 – 3pm Colombia & México
2 – 4pm Chile
3 – 5pm Brazil
6 – 8pm UTC
7 – 9pm London

Event Details

  • July 6th, 2022
  • 1 - 3pm Colombia/Mexico, 2 - 4pm Chile, 3 - 5pm Brasil, 6 - 8pm UTC, 7 - 9pm London.
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